Laser Jet printer architecture and its type

Laaserjet printer uses different types of architecture. Every architecture has  advantage and disadvantages. Architecture decide which printer cartridge will be used in that printer.

There are seven architecture  used in laserjet printer.


1 Monocrome:

This printer contains only one print cartridge and has a simplified image transfer process. These printers print only in black and white colour. It is very reliable , easier to service .




2 Carousel :

It stores four print cartridges on a central carousel. That stored carousel will be rotated to bring each print cartridge into contact with a OPC drum. In this architecture, only one OPC drum is used.



3 Two Part:

It is divided into two sections.First one is tonert supply section and other is development section. In this architecture two separate cartridge will be used for each colour. Each cartridge can be  replaced separately.


two part cartridge


4 Vertical EBT: EBT means Electrostatic Transfer Belt. It has a simple paper path.and transfer the image directly on paper by using an EBT. This printer gives fast outout and best quality print.




5 Vertical ITB: ITB means Intermediate transfer belt. This printer has a simple paper path. It  construct the image on the belt. Then transfer them to the paper using transfer roller. This printer cannot use the colour print cartridge when printing in black and white or monochrome Print so that It  saves the colour cartridge during monochrome printing and have a fast output.

Vertical ITB



6 HIC-Down :It has a compact Cartridge design a simple paper path.This printers doesn’t require a separate waste toner collection unit. This printer has a fast printing output.

HIC- Down


6 HIC-Up :It has a simple paper path and very easy to access the print cartridge from the side panel.  it is very easy to replace the print cartridge.




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