Internal structure of monocrome printer and print cartridge components

The following figure show that  monochrome printer and  its print cartridge components involved in imaging process.


A  Printer Component:

  1. Fusing roller: It contains a heating element, which is allow to provide heat to fuse the toner particles on paper. Papeer passes between the fusing roller and the pressure roller.

  2. Heating element:Located in fuser roller. It supplies heat to fuse toner powder on paper.
  3. Pressure roller:Its location is near to the fusing roller.When paper goes in between rollers  the pressure roller applies the pressure necessary for the fusing roller to fuse the toner powder to the paper.
  4. Transfer roller: It applies a positive charge to attract the toner particles from the OPC drum onto the page.

B  Printer Cartridge Component:

  1. Toner supply hopper:It contains toner powder. When cartridge is used toner supply hopper will gradually be depleted..
  2. Stirring blade: main role of stirring blade is that the toner particles are evenly distributed and charged. It is also used for mix the toner particles.
  3. Developing roller:By using electrostatic charge to transfer toner powder from the toner supply hopper to the OPC drum.
  4. OPC : Means  Organic Photoconductive (OPC) drum.It is also known as imaging drum. It gives a uniform charge by the PCR,
  5. Waste toner hopper: It  receives the excess toner particles that are removed from the OPC by the cleaning blade.
  6. Cleaning blade: It absorbs excess toner powder from OPC and sitres in waster toner hopper.
  7. Primary charging roller: Itapplies uniform negetive charge to OPC Drum. It removes latent image from from previous rotations. and prepares OPC drum for new latent image.
  8. Developing roller: It uses electrostatic charge to transfer toner particles from the toner supply hopper to the OPC.
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