HTML Tags and its Attributes Part 2

<hr />

It defines define a horizontal rule (horizontal line).

It has the following Attributes

  1. align: It has the following Value like center,left right.
  2. Size: It defines height of a hr rule.
  3. WIdth :It defines widtht of a hr rule.



It defines the paragraph in web documents.

It has the following Attributes

  1. align: It has the following Value like center,left right and justify.



It defines the table structure in web page.

It has following arrtibutes.

  1. align : Values are Left,Right, controls the alignment of table structure.
  2. width :It Specify the Width Size of the Table.
  3. height :It shows the Height Size of the Table.
  4. bgcolor ::It displays background.
  5. border : How much border we want ,
  6. bordercolor: it specify the color of border.
  7. cellspacing:Space between cells.
  8. cellpadding :Padding between cells.



It is used for multiline text in form.

It has following arrtibutes.

  1. rows: The number of row line allowed in textarea.
  2. cols :The number of columns  allowed in textarea.
  3. name : It denotes the name of textarea.


Heading Tags

<h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> 

There are six types of heading tags mention above.

h1 tag is used for extra lagre heading.

h2 tag is little smaller than h1 tag and so on..



comment tag

It is used for commenting in source code.It’s good habit to write a comment into a source code to improve user readability and understands.

Its syntax is as follows:

begins with <!–“, ends with “–>“.





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