HTML Tags and its Attributes Part 1


It defines a document type and write before the <html> start tag.



It defines a harder information about the webpage document.


It defines meta information use to improve a rankings in Search Engines.


It defines a Document Title.


It defines a URL link using External Style Sheet, Javascript etc..


It is a used for creating  internal link, external link .

It has following Attributes

  1. href : It Specifies the destination link document.
  2. name: It shows the name of an anchor it’s use in Internal Link.
  3. rel : It displays  relationship between current document .
  4. target : It has following Values.
    1. _blank : Opens linked document in new window
    2. _parent :Opens linked document in the parent frame.
    3. _self :Opens linked document in the same window.
    4. _top: Opens linked document in the top up on same window.

<br />

This tag is used for single line breaking on web page.


It divides section of documents.

It has following Attributes

  1. id: We have to declared unique id for the element.
  2. class : It is used in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
  3. title : It display on the “tooltip” for your elements.
  4. style: used to write inline  CSS .


It collects ithe information from user and stores in webserver

It has following Attributes

  1. action :It specify the server URL link.
  2. method:How to submit form.
  3. name: It specify the form name to the document.




It splits  the browser window in different parts.Frame are use to improve appearence and usebility of a site.






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