part 7

Computer troubleshooting interview questions Part -7

Q1  System won’t start up, but if removed the power cables of some components it will starts.

Solution:Check those components for short circuit.  Make sure which of the component are stopping system from booting.  Isolate and replace those components if necessary.


Q2  If computer displays error like :CMOS checksum error,CMOS battery failed,CMOS battery STATE low,CMOS memory test fail.

Solution:All these errors represent failure of CMOS battery.Replace battery enters CMOS save content and exit.


Q3  CMOS CPU setting mismatch.

Solution:This is because someone might have changed frequency/voltage setting in CMOS due to which processor failed its original values to register.

Load optimal defaults, save and exit.


Q4  User gives command, printing processed, print manager evoked & closed, nothing  prints: .

Solution:This is typical problem with LPT  or USB cable if it is not properly connected.


Q5  While Printing for a four page document garbage printing with only one line printed which stops printing after printing about 100’s of pages .

Solution:It is because of corrupted print drivers, uninstall printer and reinstall.


Q6  Color jobs are printed in B/W(black & white) .

Solution:There is an option in printer properties of color printers as.Deselect this option to process color.


Q7  Machine is working with LOW speed .


1 Use CHKDSK  uitility.

2 Use DEFRAG uitility.

3 Delete temporary file.

4 Remove unwanted program.

5 Make sure the drive where window is installed has free space.

6 See that customer’s system try need    not have bunch of Application loading every times system starts.

7  Use MSCONFIG to disable these services.

8 If not used regularly or use third party tools to improve system performance.


Q8  Some of the video CD’s are not showing with good resolution & some more .

Solution:This is because of poor qualities CD’s.


Q8  Windows XP/Vista/7 does not start .

Solution:For Windows XP try to repair XP installation if fails reinstall. For Vista & 7 use installation CD select repair system, select start up repair, if fails attempt system restore if still fails reinstall.







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