part 6

Computer troubleshooting interview questions Part -6

Q1  Character on screen are mismatch(Garbage Video Characters displays).

Solution: This problem is because of improper contact of RAM. Remove RAM clean it’s golden fingers with eraser, clean slot and reinstall.  If still fails try replacing RAM.


Q2  After Video card installed the system not properly booting up.

Solution:Make sure the motherboard has support to install off board video.  If yes then the card may be damaged.  If not then we cannot install off board card to this machine. (* This problem is obvious with AGP cards only).


Q3  Single Beep Tone.

Solution:It is not an error tone.  It is a status tone.


Q4  One long repeated beep tone.

Solution:RAM detection fail. Clean and reinstall.


Q5  Out of memory message displays error.

Solution:There are some motherboards like Intel G41, some Compaq brand which generate two beep tones to  have post phase 2 status ok signal.  (*In some brands like IBM, Digital, HP, two beep tones indicates keyboard failure.)


Q6  RAM installed shows ½ or ¼ capacity.

Solution:Make sure the RAM is ok.  See if the system has two different standards of RAM such as DDR1 &  DDR2 or different FSB’s of RAM are installed together.

Either removes the RAM low in capacity or FSB. Get the RAM working at earlier FSB.



Q7  If  No RAM detected or displays error like Out of memory message or Insufficient memory.

Solution:Check for viruses.


Q8  Systems resets after used for more than 30 min then 20 min then 10 min.

Solution:Check CPU cooler replace it necessary.


Q8  Systems resets & not starting in GUI mode & even though started shuts down immediately.

Solution:The problem could be cause because of user by passing automatic check disk while starting windows on reset.

Either allow check disk to carry disk checking or start system in safe mode and run check disk or use third party tool such as NU or DCT.








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