Carasoul / slider using PHP Function

In this tutorial , I shows you that how  to  be use a function in PHP smartly.

Suppose ,In  our website we have to use a carasoul or slider in many times or most of web pages, generally most new programmers write codes on each time. But if we use a functions , we have to write that codes in a single time . Every time we pass the parameter of function we get desire result as we want.

Let us see , Suppose this my web page. I use slider three times in my project.


For that I write a single code for slider in a function file.Here is my function file.

In this function , I declare a function named get_slider , and pass parameters ($img1,$cap1,$img2,$cap2,$img3,$cap3) . Then in echo statement I design my slider using HTML and CSS.

After that I included that function file in my index.php file as like,

After body tag , I write

<?php echo get_slider(‘1.jpg’,’Title 1′,’2.jpg’,’Title 2′,’3.jpg’,’Title 3′);?>

this statement and generate a slider just passing the parameters in function. Each any everytime  I change only parameters of function but function name is same .

Finally, If we use function , we avoid code repeated and minimise the error.

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