bus topology

Bus topology and its advantages and disadvantages

All computers in Bus topology are connected in a single comman cable. For that connection , mostly coaxial 10BASE2 and 10BASE5 cables are used.

bus topology

The main cable is very cheap to install but very expensive to maintain .

When one computer send data to other computer in this topology ,data is passes across the whole cable .Each computer looks that data that runs along the cable.If data is destined to a particular computer , that computer copies the data to the memory on its network adaptor or NIC. Each computer shares the same data and address path.

All nodes (file server, workstations, and peripherals) are connected to the linear cable. Ethernet and Local Talk networks use a linear bus topology.

It is Commonly referred to as a linear bus, because all the devices are connected by one single cable. The main cable is also called as backbone channel.

It is simple and oldest topology used in the early days of computer networking. 10Base-2 (“ThinNet”) and 10Base-5 (“ThickNet”) both eathernet cables are used in old days.


Advantages of the bus toplogy

  1. It has a simple layout.
  2. It is easy to add new node in bus toplogy
  3. Bus topology requires smaller cable length as compared to star topology
  4. It is very easy to expand the network at any point because of linear cable.
  5. It does not require all the computers will be  running in order for network to function.

Disadvantages of the bus toplogy

  1. If main cable breaks the whole communication system goes down.
  2. If the number of devices is increased it drops down the efficiency of bus network.
  3. Terminators are required at both ends of the backbone cable.
  4. It has no centralized control over network.
  5. If we want  to cover a long distance, Repeater are required to maintain the signal intensity.
  6. Detection of fault is difficult.
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